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Born in Southern California 

Lives & works in Ventura County, California.

Mom to two wonderful children, the most important and relevant title assigned to me.


The wings are created from Melaleuca Tree bark, a very light, very soft bark naturally shed by the trees. Inspiration comes from the people I love and admire. Each wing speaks and has a story of their origin. We are surrounded by magic, both fairie and angelic...and earthly. My intention is to bring that magic out to be seen,..and felt and hopefully heard. Trees are our angels, our fairie, our physical spiritual sustinance. So, here are the wings to prove it.  



No formal education, although art in all forms from drawings to paint to sculpture has enraptured me for as long as I can remember. 




1986 - Birth of my son Christopher

1994 - Birth of my daughter Cierra. 

Married to Greg Bracy, former Marine, electrical engineer and fabulous idea bouncer-offerer.


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