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Attractive and water loving, these trees are native to Australia. They are found in California planted as ornamental trees, also known as the paperbark tree. 

Melaleuca trees naturally shed their bark as they grow, and can be found all over Southern California. During a windstorm in early 2015, I found a large piece that had torn off and picked it up. It practically floated in my hands! So I brought it home and let it sit for a month or so until it told me what it wanted to do, a true weird artist-ee thing to do. Creating a wing from this incredibly light bark seemed quite appropriate and I sat down one night in a bit of intensity, and created my first one. That happy, and frankly surprised, picture of me on the floor is THAT wing. As a firm believer in the spirit of our wonderful world, it almost goes without saying that I see the honor and love that is bestowed on us in the trees. Not just casually given and often at the highest price, trees do more for us than we them. My desire is to show that they are OF spirit, a direct reflection of the care and deep love that all of us benefit from under their care. Each wing that is created is done with reverence and understanding that this individual, or pair, will find a partner that understands the delicacy of the union and to appreciate the symbolism of the wings. All of us have our own personal relationship with spirit and mine is founded in the Native American belief system. To take it a step further, every wing that is created under my care does have a spirit that speaks, a guide you may say, and that is true to the nature of my beliefs which creates wings of many sizes, shapes and even colors that are uniquely individual...just like its remarkable future partner. 

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