Attractive and water loving, these trees are native to Australia. They are found in California planted as ornamental trees, also known as the paperbark tree. 

Melaleuca trees naturally shed their bark as they grow, and can be found all over California. During a windstorm in early 2015, I found a large piece and picked it up. It practically floated in my hands! So I brought it home and let it sit for a month or so until it told me what it wanted. Whelp,  it expressed itself into wings. What makes more sense than a tree launching flight? Being a big believer in all that is angelic and fairie, I asked them to show me the wings. Each wing begins with an "arm" found on a tree. From there, every "feather" is hand cut and placed, then another, and then another. Some wings have more than a 100 individually cut feathers which are placed one at a time. Each wing is now backed in strips of paper and glue to provide strength and flexibility. I firmly believe that every one that I build is a gift of the soul and energy that previously owned it. I'm often asked to build a pair... and I rarely do. There is a reason for that. Each one comes with its history & story and every new owner is given that information. I am often surprised at the relationship that is already bound when the wing is delivered.

I shouldn't be. We ARE talking about Angels and Fairie... Their spirits live on...

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