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Some wings are waiting to be called to their home and are available for sale. Contact Bryana if interested in purchasing.  Others have found their homes but are listed here for you to enjoy. 

Giving Treeeeee
Makin the wings

I prefer to work outside near the fire in the room my husband & I built. I also prefer warm feet!

Pair in dining nook

This wing was sold in a Carpinteria Gallery and all proceeds went to CarpStrong charity for the Thomas Fire victims. Much love to my family home town.


A Japanese style burn was done to the backing called Shou Sugi Ban. This wing was thought to have "disappeared" but has been found! This wing is in my home now.


A pair...that can be separated... or not. To hang in the Cornell Winery, Cornell CA

Rise Winkte (sold)

3' x 3' Winkte is Lakota for Two Spirits

Nasty Woman

Queen Fairie energy. Holding this wing to show lightness as she weighs less than 3 lbs. She took several months to manifest and has more than 460 individual "feathers".

Doris Wings

Pair homed in Beverly Hills.

Safe Travels (Traveler) 4' tall

Homed in Simi Valley CA.

Left Handed

(Sold) Homed in Burbank CA

Bella's Beginning

(Sold) This photo is her halfway completed, and she was the most verbal in her creation! She was intended for another design and let me know loud & clear about where she was to go. She was in the UK and now back in the US, homed in GA.

Know Your Center

(Sold) 6 Feet tall and homed in Agoura, CA. This was my first wing and he spoke clearly about his design and origins.

Adolescent Faire

(Sold) One of my favorites! This is both male & female. The curve represents the transition from trunk to branch, the reaching for adulthood.

8 Ft tall Know Your Center

Holding this wing to show size and lightness.

A Pair

(Sold) Small pair, 1 foot tall. They really pop on a black background.

Delivering a wing commission to a healer in Thousand Oaks...with a funny face.

Loris Wing
Details of Elder Male
Elder Male - "Blooded"

This old gentleman is loved in a home in Simi Valley, CA.

Melaleuca Tree

He is here to make you smile... I hope you enjoyed the gallery photos!

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